Humbug Creek Heights


The Garage is huge and has ample room for three vehicles.  It is fitted with its own dedicated power meter, with 220 volt capability.  It is heated for work in the winter.  There are built in, bottom and overhead, cabinets with a work surface on both sides of the garage extending most of the length on each side.  There is a garage door in the back of the garage, for some unknown reason.  There is an attic that runs the entire length of the building and a plywood surface and shelf has been put in for storage.  There is, of course, a nice set of attic stairs that allows access to this area.  The extra storage room has two windows and a door. There is overhead shelving in there too.    It is 138.6 sq feet.

This is the additional 110 sq foot room that is attached to the garage (in the turret on the photo above).